William A. Tanenbaum Quoted On The Convergence Of AI In Healthcare And Autonomous Vehicles

January 4, 2022

Legaltech News

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William A. Tanenbaum was quoted in a recent Legaltech News article "Legal Tech's Predictions for Legal Technology Innovation in 2022". Mr. Tanenbaum said “AI considerations in healthcare and autonomous vehicles will converge. In both fields, AI decisions can lead to bodily harm, or worse. Artificial Intelligence is used to decide whether it is a shadow or a pedestrian, or a malignant or a benign tumor. Solutions to hacking risks, enhancing data integrity, addressing latency in cloud computing, and uncovering the weight given to specific factors by machine learning models in order to open the AI ‘black box,’ will be shared, upgraded, and used in both fields because of the overlapping requirements of automotive engineers and physicians. Cars will improve patient care, and healthcare will improve driver safety.”

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