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Nationwide and Global Resources Spanning 105 Countries

As a member of the MSI Global Alliance (MSI), Moses & Singer is part of a vast world-wide network of law firms, accounting firms, tax advisors, consultants and other specialist professionals.  Our global reach spans 250 member firms across 105 countries.  Within the United States, we have a network of over 50 firms in 27 states.  The firm’s association with MSI gives us access to the local knowledge and broad professional experience of over 8,000 legal, tax and accounting professionals worldwide.  It enables us to provide our clients with seamless and effective representation in virtually every significant jurisdiction in the world.

Flexible Relationships Ensure Optimal Representation

Our MSI relationships are not exclusive and are supplemented by the individual relationships of our attorneys with other lawyers and law firms in many jurisdictions.  This gives us the flexibility, absent from multi-office international firms, to find and engage exactly the right professional for each client and each matter. It also avoids the troublesome conflict of interest problems arising from the different client bases of individual offices in a multi-office law firm. This flexible international multidisciplinary approach enables Moses & Singer to represent clients in cross-border matters while distinguishing us from, and avoiding the costs and issues faced by, large multi-national firms.

Every one of the member firms within the MSI network is independently owned and managed by principals who are committed to involvement in their client's business challenges.  Member firms are committed to working together on behalf of clients who face cross-border issues, ensuring sophisticated local expertise that is supported by global professional relationships.

A Unique Value Proposition for Growing Businesses

Moses & Singer’s MSI membership offers a valuable alternative to cost-conscious businesses needing interstate or cross-border representation.  Does it really make sense for a client, who only needs advice in multiple jurisdictions occasionally or intermittently, to pay high hourly rates to support the overhead of a large multi-office firm?  Better options are available to clients who are more discerning in their choice of service providers.

For more information contact:

Banking and Finance:  Michael Evan Avidon
Bankruptcy:  Alan Kolod
Corporate:  Dean R. Swagert
Family Law:  Arlene G. Dubin
Securities:  Allan Grauberd
Intellectual Property:  Elizabeth A. Corradino
Litigation:  David Lackowitz
Private Client:  Gideon Rothschild
Real Estate:  Richard E. Strauss
Tax:  Irving Sitnick