Why do SOPA/PIPA Matter?

April 15, 2012

Brooklyn Law Incubator & Policy's First Annual NYC Legal Hack-a-thon

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The Brooklyn Entertainment and Sports Law Society (BESLS) recently held its Third Annual Panel Event to discuss ways in which the law intersects with fashion, sports, film, television, and music.

The film and television panel moderated by Brian Hewitt ’14 featured two representatives from FilmNation Entertainment, Tara Erer, Director of International Sales and Jennifer Fradlin, Manager of Business and Legal Affairs; and Amyt Eckstein, senior attorney in the IP, Entertainment, and Technology Group at Moses and Singer. The panelists addressed the importance of globalization and the need for the film industry to adopt a new model that recognizes the significance of overseas markets. Erer noted that some films may not perform well domestically but are quite profitable globally. The group stressed the need to be proactive in discouraging piracy. One solution offered was to decrease the window of time between theatrical and home releases. Eckstein pointed to Sesame Street’s practice of posting small clips online that direct viewers to its Web site as a successful example. Red boxes have proven to be another good but underused model. Panelists also urged creativity, such as an “iTunes solution” for movies.