Moses & Singer Ranked as a "Hidden Gem" in the BTI Power Rankings

June 1, 2007

For the third straight year, Moses & Singer is listed as a “Hidden Gem” in the BTI Power Rankings: The BTI Client Relationship Scorecard. A “Hidden Gem” is “an excellent law firm that few others know about—or don’t know enough about.” “The capabilities and unique strengths of these law firms are underrated or underestimated in the marketplace.” “These law firms earn a special place in the hearts of large clients…clients see them as special.”

The 2005 and 2006 BTI Power Rankings identified Moses & Singer as one of 10 to 12 firms contending for a position among the roughly 40 firms ranked as Power Players or the 20 Power Elite firms.

BTI Consulting Group, based in Wellesley, MA compiles its rankings from interviews with the general counsel of hundreds of Fortune 1000 and large privately-held companies and major financial services firms. BTI is the leading US provider of strategic market research to law firms and professional service firms.