Moses and Singer Invited to Join Worldwide Legal and Accounting Network

October 20, 2005

Moses & Singer LLP has accepted the invitation from MSI Legal & Accounting Network Worldwide to join its global network of 240 independent law and accounting firms in over 95 countries. The members that are in the United States have a collective total of about 2,000 professional fee earning staff members.

Of its decision to join MSI, Alan Kolod, Chairman of the firm, says: Membership in a network of professional firms worldwide will assist us in competing with larger, multi-office firms in our market and enable us to provide better service toourclients with operations outside of the New York area.

James Hickey, MSI's Development Manager, comments: Moses & Singer LLP fits our network culture perfectly, being a locally-focused firm that positions itself as an alternative to large, multi office law firms. Moses & Singer LLP, believes in providing value and results by ensuring clients receive partner-level attention.