Moses & Singer Co-Hosts Crowdfunding Program with ITAC

June 19, 2012

On June 14, 2012, entrepreneurs from various industries and professionals from the financial community attended a panel discussion on "Crowdfunding and Raising Capital on the Web." Howard Herman, chair of Moses & Singer's Corporate Group, moderated the panel which included the head of the firm's Securities Group, Allan Grauberd; Larry Baker, co-founder of Bolstr; David Rose, CEO of Gust; and Franklin Madison, Director of Technology Programs at ITAC.  Attendees learned the pros and cons of engaging in crowdfunding and for which types of businesses this new form of raising capital is best suited.

To access a replay of the program, please click here.   For more information on crowdfunding, please go to "The JOBS Act: New Avenues for Raising Capital" to see Moses & Singer's client alert on the topic.