Michael Evan Avidon Honored with Appointment to American College of Commercial Finance Lawyers

April 1, 2015

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Moses & Singer LLP is pleased to announce that Michael Evan Avidon, co-chair of the firm's Banking and Finance Practice, has been appointed to the American College of Commercial Finance Lawyers.  

The American College of Commercial Finance Lawyers, Inc. is a professional organization dedicated to promoting the field of commercial finance law through education, legislative reform and the recognition of distinguished practitioners, jurists and academics.  The College offers a venue to promote and recognize outstanding achievement and advances in the field of commercial finance law.

Admission to the College is limited to members of the legal profession with at least 15 years of practice who have achieved preeminence in the field of commercial finance law.  Nominees must demonstrate repeated and substantial contributions to the field through teaching, lecturing, public writing and continuing legal education.

Mike has been representing financial institutions in commercial finance for over 30 years.  He is well known both for his work on behalf of agent banks in syndicated credit facilities and for his work with letter of credit transactions, letter of credit litigation, and supply chain finance.

His contributions to the law and practice rules include serving on the ICC's Bank Payment Obligation (BPO) Consultative Group that helped prepare the 2013 ICC Uniform Rules for BPOs (URBPO), participating in the revision of UCC Article 5 on Letters of Credit and the preparation of the International Standby Practices (ISP98), and serving on the American Bar Association/U.S.C.I.B. Task Force whose report led to the UCC Article 5 revision.  In addition, Mike writes and speaks frequently on commercial finance, and is a past Chair of the Subcommittee on Letters of Credit of the New York State Bar Association's Banking Law Committee.

We congratulate Mike for this achievement and for the recognition he so rightly deserves from this prestigious organization.