Moses & Singer Mourns the Passing of Jill Lane, Esq.

May 23, 2019

We are saddened to say that Jill R. Lane, our partner in Moses & Singer's Real Estate Group for more than 20 years, passed away on May 17, 2019. She was not yet 52. Jill was loved by everyone at Moses & Singer, as well as by her many clients and friends, and will be sorely missed. Jill fought a valiant and courageous fight against cancer, which took her away too soon from her successful career and three children, who she adored.

Jill joined Moses & Singer in 1997 and specialized in buying, financing, selling and leasing of all types of commercial real estate.  Jill had an emphasis on commercial leasing and acquisition and sale transactions for financial institutions. In particular, she represented Deutsche Bank, UBS and Schwab in the owning and leasing of their offices and retail spaces throughout the country. Many of these transactions were for major urban  headquarters, regional campuses and trophy properties. Others involved especially  complex transactions, such as data centers or disaster recovery centers. To prove a point, last year Jill handled the largest lease done in Manhattan, for more than 1 Million square feet.

She was always up to a challenge and approached everything with confidence and good spirits, and with a smile. She was not just a superb technical lawyer, but more importantly, she was a trusted advisor and counselor to clients in their important decisions, and she also formed close  personal relationships with them. Her clients were not only the large companies, but also the fellow lawyers at Moses & Singer who depended on her for real estate advice in their own practices, and with whom she also formed close personal ties.

Jill was not only an effective attorney, but she was highly efficient.  Today, while so many struggle to attain work-life balance, Jill was able to successfully achieve both.  Long before it was common, Jill worked from home two days a week, enabling her to work full-time throughout her career and raise three children.

Jill was also a leader as a woman in the sometime rough world of real estate, where she often was forced to prove herself.  Jill often was the only woman at the table, surrounded by men. Jill’s competence and determination made it impossible to dismiss her.  By the time a deal was over, Jill had not only won her points but also the respect and admiration of others around the table.  

Jill attended University of Miami Law School, and earned her college degree at the University of Florida.