Jason E. Johnson Quoted in Legaltech News Article on Cybersecurity While Working Remote

February 9, 2022

Legaltech News

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Jason E. Johnson was quoted in the Legaltech News article "The Great Resignation, Remote Workers Can Be a Cybersecurity Recipe for Disaster" saying that despite not seeing an uptick in regulatory actions or trade secret lawsuits regarding data incidents stemming from former employees, he said it’s only a matter of time.

“What I think it will take is someone taking a treasure trove of this data and puts it out there,” Johnson said. “Privacy has typically been, people aren’t proactive about it, they are reactive. We are in this reactive stage. There hasn’t been an issue yet but if you think about all the information that is being downloaded and is confidential, there hasn’t been a situation where it’s meant something yet. But at some point it will be.”


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