Jason Johnson Quoted in Global Data Review Article on FTC Establishing Itself US Data Privacy Enforcer

May 31, 2022

Global Data Review

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Jason Johnson was quoted in the Global Data Review article "FTC reigns as de facto US data privacy enforcer" saying “I think in general this is fairly in line with what we have seen with settlement orders in the last four, five years. … It’s not surprising in the sense I think the FTC has been going after companies — big and small — with these activities.”

“As the business evolves and grows, their privacy policy and their use of the data [should] also be updated and aligned with their actual business practices. What this should [remind] business companies is that although Twitter is a big corporate entity, any company is vulnerable to the FTC and their enforcement power because the FTC hasn’t [focused] on just one industry for this same issue,” he said.

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