Arlene Dubin Cites the Need for Prenup in CNBC American Greed Case

February 3, 2015

Can a prenup save your life? A practical guide

For their analysis of a high profile matrimonial and criminal case, CNBC American Greed called on Arlene G. Dubin to explain why a pre-nup might have saved a real estate developer's life.  

"... an honest accounting of each other’s finances and a plan for how to split the assets if things go sour is essential, says attorney Arlene Dubin, Chair of the Matrimonial and Family Law practice at Moses and Singer in New York, and author of the book Prenups for Lovers (Villard, 2001)."

“How can you have a solid marriage with that elephant in the room?” she says.

Read the complete article to find out what went terribly wrong in the case of an Arizona real estate developer, his socialite ex-wife and her former boyfriend. 

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