Until Death or Divorce Do We Part

ABA Real Property Trusts and Estates Section Group Call

June 16, 2016

Carole M. Bass and Rebecca A. Provder

4:00 PM EST

Carole M. Bass and Rebecca A. Provder of Moses & Singer LLP in New York will discuss areas of overlap among estate planning and matrimonial law emphasizing the importance to practitioners in each field of remaining alert to issues that arise on death and divorce.   Hear the perspectives of both an estate planner and a matrimonial attorney on topics including:

                • Third Party Trusts and Divorce:  Can you in-law proof your estate plan?

                • Key Issues in Prenuptial Agreements 

                • How promises in a divorce agreement may impact a second spouse

                • When a will and divorce agreement (or pre-nuptial agreement) don't match up