The Use of Data in Transforming Research and Digital Health

NewYorkBIO 2018 Annual Meeting

May 16, 2018

Linda A. Malek

Linda A. Malek will be a panel moderator for this year's NewYorkBIO 2018 Annual Meeting on Wednesday, May 16th at 1:45 PM. She will be leading a panel discussion on how the use of large volumes of individual data, including genetic, health encounter and clinical data as well as data from research repositories is transforming the work of researchers and healthcare providers, and empowering individuals and moving healthcare into a digital environment. The panel will be joined by: Anamika Ghista, MD, JD, CIPP/E, CIPP/US, Associate General Counsel and Chief Privacy Officer at Flatiron Health, Deven McGraw, MPH, JD, the Chief Regulatory Officer for Ciitizen and Louisa Roberts, MChem, MBA, the Market Leader for Cognitive Solutions – Life Sciences for IBM Watson Health.

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