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The Trade Secrets Institute Symposium: Keeping Your Secrets Secret

April 2013

Amyt M. Eckstein

Brooklyn, NY

In a rapidly changing digital world, the field of trade secret protection has become increasingly complex, in both legal practice and enforcement. This symposium will focus on trade secrets in cloud-based data sharing platforms and the federalization of trade secret misappropriation lawsuits.

As more trade secret owners-share information with their employees via “secure” cloud-based data sharing platforms, a number of trade secret misappropriation claims have been arising between employers and departing employees. The result is a need for clarity on the technological and contractual obligations of trade secret owners if they seek protection under the UTSA and state common law.This symposium will also evaluate best practices for companies’ protection of trade secrets while employees are accessing information via numerous outlets, including mobile devices.

In light of the federalization – and often criminalization – of trade secret misappropriation, global businesses must increasingly conform their conduct to, and make litigation decisions based on, federal alternatives to state misappropriation law. This symposium seeks to understand the impact of trade secret misappropriation lawsuits as the role of federal law and statutes increases in the traditionally state-law based practice of trade secret enforcement.

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