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Moses & Singer Digital Health Webinar Series

Our attorneys will discuss the legal aspects of innovations in Digital Health, Artificial Intelligence (AI), IT, data analytics, robotics, and other technologies, regulatory changes, and the risks of using agreements that have not been updated to address these issues.

Each webinar will be 60 minutes long and will address the emerging legal issues and provide practical take-ways.  CLE credit is pending. The topics and schedule is as follows:


Session 1:  PHI in an AI World:  The Regulatory Framework, October 7, 2020

This session will address COVID-related regulatory changes, HIPAA, HITECH and HITRUST, the impact of GDPR and the nature of consents for data use.

Session 2:   Upgrading IT Agreements for Digital Health, November 18, 2020

This session will address how the IT infrastructure will change to support Digital Health innovations, key contract negotiation points and the impact of cloud-based services. 

Session 3:  Telehealth:  Lessons from the Near Future, January 27, 2021

This session will address the speed and breadth of changes in telehealth, whether telehealth will be a portal to healthcare, the potential impact of 5G wireless networks, the regulatory environment, and the impact of COVID

Session 4:  IP, Data Use and Data Sharing, March 10, 2021

This session will address AI and Machine Learning for lawyers, the scope of IP protection, and the regulatory framework and structuring agreements data sharing. 

Session 5:  Big Analytics, Not Big Data, April 21, 2021

This session will address how data analytics is conducted and applied, and the role of the Internet of Medical Things, the limitations of cloud computing and the role of edge computing and key contract considerations.

Session 6:   Apps, Bots and Mobile Devices, June 2, 2021

This session will address Software-as-a-Medical Device, robotic technologies and apps and medical devices from the physician and patient perspective.


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