Gregory S. Shatan to Speak at Fordham Law School’s 27th Annual Intellectual Property Law & Policy Conference

April 26, 2019

Gregory S. Shatan

Greg Shatan will be speaking at the 27th Annual Intellectual Property Law & Policy Conference at Fordham Law School on Friday, April 26.  Greg will be speaking in the session “ICANN: Rights Protection Mechanisms.” His presentation is entitled “The Squared Circle: Fitting Trademark Law Principles into ICANN’s Rights Protection Mechanisms.”  Greg will be discussing the importance of a holistic approach to considering how trademark law principles were translated, sometimes in modified fashion, into the ICANN Rights Protection Mechanisms (UDRP, URS, the Trademark Clearinghouse,  Sunrise Periods, Trademark Claims, etc.) and how the RPMs function and interrelate.  This is particularly relevant, given the unprecedented review of all ICANN Rights Protection Mechanisms currently underway. To register, click here.

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