Gregory S. Shatan to Speak at 8th Annual M-Enabling Summit in Washington, DC

June 19, 2019

Gregory S. Shatan

Greg Shatan will be speaking at 8th Annual M-Enabling Summit in Washington, DC Wednesday, June 19, 8:45-9:45 am. Greg will be speaking on “Legal Compliance Risk Management: Protecting Your Organization and Employees.” Managing and responding to legal compliance risk related to digital accessibility entails multiple complex processes, and is often a key driver of accessibility initiatives in many sectors. Greg will be sharing lessons learned from his experience in representing numerous companies in web accessibility compliance and litigation matters.

The M-Enabling Summit is a leading global conference on accessibility of digital content and services for persons with disabilities and seniors. The Summit covers both technological innovation and business, legal, technical, and social concerns relating to digital accessibility. It brings together leading executives and accessibility professionals from government, industry, private sector and advocacy organizations around the world.