First Dad Died and Now Mom: Second Death Estate Planning and Administration

Lorman Education Services Live Webinar

October 16, 2013

Lori Anne Douglass

Live Webinar - 1:00 PM

For most married couples, on the first death, the most important estate planning goals are: to maintain the financial security and lifestyle of the surviving spouse; to avoid the payment of any transfer or additional income tax due to the death of the first spouse; to begin the transfer of wealth to the children, future generations and other beneficiaries. 

When the first spouse dies, other than the preparation of tax returns and the possible transfer of assets in trust or outright to the surviving spouse, there is often little to do in terms of the probate of the Will and the estate administration. 

On the death of the surviving spouse, while often the only goals are to minimize taxation and efficiently transfer the wealth, there is usually a complex probate and estate administration that more often than not is costly, time consuming and financially and emotionally painful for the beneficiaries. 

This live webinar will concentrate on estate planning for the high-net worth, married couple with adult children who wish to maximize the amount of wealth that is transferred to future generations while ensuring that the probate of the will and estate administration for the second of the couple to die is cost effective and painless for the loved ones who must handle it. 

This live webinar will concentrate on general estate planning and drafting considerations when preparing the estate plan for the couple, the transfer (estate, gift and generation skipping) and income taxation issues on the second death and the actual estate administration and transfer of wealth on the second death.  

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