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Estate Planning for Reproductive Material

eCLE for ABA Real Property Trusts & Estates Division

May 1, 2018

Carole M. Bass

Carole M. Bass, along with other speakers, will be presenting "Estate Planning for Reproductive Material" on May 1, 2018. 

With the use of reproductive technology on the rise, an increasing number of estate planners will find themselves with clients who have banked reproductive material, such as eggs or embryos and clients who are using surrogacy arrangements to build their families. Recognizing the estate planning implications of assisted reproductive technology (ART) now needs to be part of the estate planner's arsenal.

The panelists will cover:

  • The ABCs of ART - the science and the terminology
  • Different types of ART contracts and how they may impact an estate
  • Posthumous use of reproductive material
  • Inheritance rights of posthumously conceived children
  • Estate planning and surrogacy


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