Digital Health Webinar Series: Session 5 - Big Analytics, Not Big Data

April 21, 2021

Liberty T. McAteer, Blaze D. Waleski, and William A. Tanenbaum

Meaningful healthcare analytics requires more than a consolidated database – that is, more than a Big Data database. Analytics depends on metadata, which in simple terms consists of annotations that are made to data elements, resulting in data about data. Join us in this webinar about preparing and using data to conduct analytics in healthcare. We will address the regulatory scheme, IT for data use, and data management to provide the metadata along with the following topics:

• Data from the Internet of Medical Things (“IoMT”)
• Body Area Networks
• Problem of data dispersed in multiple locations in multiple formats
• Data Fabrics as a solution
• Covid as an accelerator
• Updating IT agreements
• Takeaway Checklist

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