Digital Health Webinar Series: Session 3 - Telehealth: Lessons from the Near Future

January 27, 2021

Linda A. Malek, Jason Johnson, William A. Tanenbaum, and Laurel Pickering from Welldoc

Covid and Zoom have expanded the already growing use of Telehealth, and accelerated the need for a considered approach to regulatory compliance and the legal aspects of structuring remote healthcare. Join us as Moses & Singer partners Linda Malek, Jason Johnson and Bill Tanenbaum, and Laurel Pickering, the Executive Vice President for Enterprise Solutions at Welldoc, address the following topics in this area of Digital Health: 

  • The current regulatory framework
  • The impact of Covid, Zoom and 5G wireless networks
  • Will Telehealth be portal for patient care?
  • Telehealth and remote health care
  • How does Telehealth fit with Digital Health innovations?
  • Takeaway Checklist

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