Asset Protection for High-Net-Worth Clients

AICPA Sophisticated Tax Planning Conference

November 18, 2013

Daniel S. Rubin

Revere Hotel Boston Common
Boston, MA

All signs indicate that the prevalence of litigation is in a continuing upward spiral across the United States. Although some claims are meritorious, far too many are not. In such an atmosphere, any one with even a modicum of wealth is subject to an unacceptable level of risk.

Timely and professional "asset protection" can help your clients to weather this storm of litigation and should be considered whenever you are called upon to advise a client in connection with their investment planning, tax planning, retirement planning, insurance planning or estate planning. This lecture will discuss ways in which your clients can protect themselves from potential future creditors, including (i) the ethics of asset protection planning, (ii) the law of fraudulent transfers, (iii) exemption planning, (iv) the use of domestic asset protection trusts, (v) the use of foreign asset protection trusts, and (vi) integrating asset protection planning into your client’s estate planning.

Barbara Berman

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