Why Moses & Singer

1. Environment.

We are a human-scale, single office, traditional law partnership. Our environment is collegial, and it is possible to know everyone at the firm and develop professional and social relationships with other lawyers at the firm regardless of practice areas or age. We encourage a spirit of cooperation that enables friendship with peers to develop in a professional environment.

2. Balance.

We understand that there is more to life than being in the office. We do not have minimum billable hour requirements, and we allow our associates the time for family life and outside activities.

3. Entrepreneurship.

We want our associates to develop their own practices and clients. This is one of the most rewarding parts of practicing law. We train and encourage our associates to develop their own practices.

4. Training.

Acquiring the skills needed to develop a practice requires that associates obtain broad practical experience, develop a specialized expertise and take responsibility for client matters. M&S offers all three opportunities for its associates and enables them to take on responsibility earlier in their careers.

5. Partnership.

We understand that the ability of talented associates to attract clients is enhanced by an associate's becoming a partner in the firm. A talented associate has a better prospect of becoming a partner at Moses & Singer than he or she would at one of the larger firms.