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Training & Mentoring


Moses & Singer places the highest priority on training new associates to quickly become productive team members, to advance in their careers and gain the skills needed to begin building their own practices. The best training comes from taking responsibility for projects while working closely with experienced partners on client matters. We accelerate this process by offering a series of both firm- and practice area-focused training sessions and orientations taught by partners to help our new associates find their footing in law practice. We also have seminars for associates on business development in which associates are guided in business development skills. In addition, associates are assigned partner-mentors to help guide their development at the firm.

Training for all our attorneys continues through an active "lunch and learn" CLE program taught by firm partners, often with the assistance of associates, and outside experts. These programs run the gamut from in-depth analysis of specific practice areas to broad overviews of issues affecting the entire legal community. Additionally, M&S provides training sessions on the technology available to lawyers in classes developed specifically for attorneys. Our attorneys also have access to a wide range of courses offered by external organizations.

Under the guidance of our Training Committee, we constantly review and update the educational opportunities available to associates. Candidates are encouraged to ask for details about our training program.


At Moses & Singer, we believe that individual, informal mentoring is essential to the professional development of our associates. Our Mentoring Program is designed to initially help associates integrate into the firm and learn the firm's culture. The purpose of our Mentoring Program is also to expand an associate's social network and perspective on practicing law beyond his or her practice group as well as to provide guidance to the associate on how to succeed inside and outside the firm.

Each summer associate is assigned an associate mentor who plays an active role throughout the summer: introducing the associate to attorneys at the firm as well as helping to identify areas of interest, and providing guidance, perspective, and insight.

All first-year associates are assigned an associate mentor upon their arrival. The associate mentor's role is to welcome the new associate to the firm, and be available to assist with any introductory issues or questions the new associate may have. After the first year or within two months of a lateral's arrival at the firm, associates are matched with a partner mentor. Partner mentors meet regularly with associates to discuss work and life at the firm, in particular relating to the associate's professional experiences and development.

Mentors and associates separately participate in a brief training session and receive Mentoring Program Guidelines. The training and Guidelines are designed to make sure that both participants know and understand their roles and responsibilities.

Mentors and associates meet informally on an ongoing basis, sometimes for breakfast, lunch, dinner or just for coffee. Once a year, each mentor and associate jointly evaluate the associate's progress, revising and setting new goals for the coming year. These relationships are reviewed annually to ensure that the mentor-associate match is a productive one and properly enables the associate to successfully build his or her career.


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