Wealth Preservation Advisor

December 2014

By: Gideon Rothschild, Irving Sitnick, Lori Anne Douglass, Kerrie C. Horrocks, Daniel S. Rubin, Carole M. Bass, Kara Rademacher, Ira W. Zlotnick, and Edward B. Becker

Moses & Singer Newsletter


Moses & Singer's Trusts and Estates and Asset Protection Practice Groups provide a full range of tax and estate planning services. We are dedicated to providing the highest level of personal service in the areas of will and trust drafting and estate administration.  For family and closely-held businesses, the group offers the latest techniques to effectively plan for business succession while minimizing taxes to the greatest extent possible. In addition to providing traditional estate planning, we are leaders in the development of techniques to preserve and protect clients' wealth from potential legal liability.  Our lawyers integrate the client’s personal objectives and wealth preservation goals into the  planning process at every step of the transaction.
Articles in this newsletter include:   
  • Year End Update
  • Executor Duties and Responsibilities
  • Trustees: A Closer Look at Responsibility and Liability
  • New NY State Law: Use of Stored Reproductive Material After Contributor's Death

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