Authentic altered Rolex watches held to be counterfeit

March 8, 2022

By: Milton Springut

Luxury Daily

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When Authentic ROLEX Watches Turn into Counterfeits

What’s a counterfeit? 

Mostly everyone knows what a counterfeit watch is. And if asked for a specific example, you may well be pointing to a $15 “Rolex” watch being sold on a Canal Street streetcorner.

Our recent article in Luxury Daily, Authentic Altered ROLEX Watches Held to Be Counterfeit, discusses a recent federal court decision where the court held that the defendant’s altered genuine Rolex watches were counterfeits as a matter of law.

Authentic goods that are altered can, depending on how extensively they are altered, turn into what the law considers counterfeits.

Stephanie M. Smith assisted in the drafting of this article.

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