A.399-B (AM Rozic) / S.1780-C (Sen. Skoufis), providing for electronic notarization

July 21, 2021

By: Alan Kolod

On behalf of the Commercial Law and Uniform State Laws Committee, Litigation
Committee and the Real Property Law Committee of the New York City Bar Association (“City Bar”), we are writing with regard to a bill authorizing qualified New York commissioned notaries to perform notarizations for remotely located persons using electronic signatures under regulations to be promulgated by the Secretary of State, A.399-B/S.1780-C (the “Bill”). This bill has passed both houses of the Legislature and awaits delivery to your office. Such notarizations, which do not involve ink signatures on tangible documents or the simultaneous in-person presence of the signer and the notary, are generally referred to as remote online notarizations or “RON”.1 The City Bar supports RON under appropriate standards and regulations.

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